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Imagine a life full of nothingness

Imagine a life full of nothingness, black and white. No love, no freedom, and no choices about what your future will hold. The community in The Giver represents a dystopian society because they had no color, no love and no freedom.

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English II

Track and field is something I do on a day to day basis. Track is a highly serious yet fun sport once one would obtain the gist of the sport. As an athlete one's body is put through rigorous activities and for a majority of the time training one will not enjoy. All the training that seems unnecessary is helpful to each and every single athlete. For some, the training and practice are serious. It's a way out, a different way of life, a way to help family and friends stuck in tough situations. .

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Essay about teens

Your actions are always affected based upon how you thought the outcome was going to happen. In "What's the rush?: Young Brains Caused Doomed Love" by Lexi Tucker talks about how at certain ages people's behavior and thoughts are affected. The Opinions of others affect them but everyone takes it differently it's them to decide what they should do.

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