7 Tips to Write an Impressive College Admission Essay

One of the requirements for admission to most US colleges is to write an essay. An essay helps the admissions committee differentiate you from other applicants. It also demonstrates your skills in expressing your thoughts logically and convincingly in writing. Thus, a correctly and competently written essay is practically the key factor for a positive decision of the admissions committee.

1. Attention to yourself

When writing an essay, focus on yourself. Do not think about what educational institutions would like to hear from you. Think about what you want them to know about you. Think about the features you would like to talk about. Then think about how to represent these qualities properly. It would be perfect if your essay could illustrate your strengths by examples, rather than simply state them.

2. Hackneyed themes

Very often, applicants write about famous people, books, or events. There is nothing wrong with this if you use some original approach. If not, it is advisable to write about something or someone less known than Shakespeare or the Bible. You can even write about taking a walk every Sunday with your grandfather or preparing dinner for a special friend. If choosing a topic seems very difficult, you may contact paperhelp to get professional assistance and a high score.

3. Topics to avoid

Some topics should still be avoided. You cannot write about your sexual experience, rape, incest, abortion, or mental illness. If you decide to express your opinion about a political or social event, do not be categorical. The reader should see that you also take into account the opposite opinion. If you are unsure of your objectivity, such topics should be avoided. You may also order an essay from specialists. This will guarantee your work will touch no forbidden topics. When searching for a high-rated service, read online class help reviews or find feedback about other services, and contact the best of them.

4. A good essay is a story

Many good essays are stories based on personal experience. It is very important to make it lively and interesting. The reader should have a thought: "I would like to meet this person" or "Looks like this student will be fun to work with."

5. Help with writing

Undoubtedly, the essay should be your own work. But this doesn't mean you can't discuss writing topics with your family and teachers or give them your drafts to review and take into account their comments. Moreover, it is even desirable to do so. You might know there are special services which help students with essays. You can read students’ feedback, for example speedypaper review, and then choose the most suitable one for you. Though, remember, the main condition is that this work should sound yours.

6. Follow the limits

In most cases, an essay should be from 250 to 650 words long. This is about 1 - 2.5 pages of typed text in 14 font with 1.5 spacing. Try not to go beyond that.

7. Passive state and morality

Try to avoid the passive state. Also don't write conclusions and morality at the end, for example, "What I learned was ...". The essay is too short for that. Think about how to make it easy and fun to read, not just how to express yourself.
Don't try to write the perfect essay, one that will have a huge impact and open the door to any college for you. Instead, think about how to convey a piece of yourself to the reader. Remember also that you cannot enclose your entire life in 500 words. You must choose the most important thing and the qualities that you like and want to talk about.